Student life can sometimes be stressful and full of many little problems. Where to live, how to study, how to find friends and work? These thoughts are natural and common for everyone. When you can share them with someone and try to find answers the sun shines brighter, trust me!

In Vantaa parishes we have several workers for students who mainly work in colleges (Laurea and Metropolia) and in secondary schools like Varia and Mercuria. You can meet us easily in the college café and have a chat with us or send an e-mail or text message.  Any problem is worth of solving and any opinion is meaningful to share.

We also organise courses concerning relationships, religious and spiritual issues and as well as a Christmas concert tour.

Picture of Hanna Similä.
Student chaplain Hanna Similä

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Virkavapaalla 13.3.2020 alkaen