'Hääyö' – A Night Full of Love Stories

"Will you marry me?"

The beautiful ‘Hääyö’ (‘Wedding Night’) event takes place in the Church of St. Lawrence (Kirkkotie 45), the City of Vantaa, usually on the third Friday of September. In ’Hääyö’ we want to take care of everything so that you can get married in an effortless yet elegant ceremony.

During the event, pastors officiate weddings either for one couple at a time or for several couples simultaneously. We have many pastors and cantors in the church to ensure that every couple willing to get married has the chance to walk to the altar.

A Special Wedding Event in Vantaa

The very first ‘Hääyö’ event took place in the medieval Church of St. Lawrence, the City of Vantaa, in 2009. The concept of a church wedding night was invented by the Chaplain of Tikkurila Evangelical Lutheran parish, Heikki Leppä.

Hääyö’ became so popular that the concept of an effortless yet elegant wedding ceremony has now spread across Finland. This annual event of Tikkurila parish is now a registered trademark.

Basic Information for Couples Willing to Get Married in 'Hääyö'

You need to bring with you

  • your future spouse and your rings
  • marriage non-impediment certificate
  • identity documents for both of you

You need to request for a marriage non-impediment certificate from your parish or a Register Office (for example, the Register Office of Vantaa Parish Union) one week before the latest. The certificate is valid for four months.

Please note! The marriage non-impediment certificate must contain the following information:

  • both of you are members of a Christian church
  • at least one of you is Evangelic Lutheran
  • the Lutherans have been confirmed

The marriage non-impediment certificate contains a record of confirmation. If it is missing for some reason, contact your parish and request for a civil status document containing the record. For more information, please contact your parish or the local Register Office.

Your wedding cannot be officiated without the marriage non-impediment certificate containing the above information. Remember to take your certificate/certificates with you to ‘Hääyö’!

If your civil marriage has already been officiated in the Local Register Office but you want to have your marriage consecrated in the Church, ask for a marriage certificate and bring it with you. You do not need to contact the event organisers in advance.