Welcome to Rekola parish!

Rekola parish is a member of the Vantaa Parish Union and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.  We love, we care, we pray, and we trust God. You are warmly welcome to join us!

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Where we are

Rekola parish consists of the areas of Vantaa called Asola, Leinelä, Rekola, Havukoski, Koivukylä, and Päiväkumpu. You can find information about other Vantaa parishes here.

No matter your personal convictions and beliefs, you are most welcome!


The Parish Church of St. Andrew and the Parish Office

Address: Kustaantie 22, 01400 Vantaa

Tel: +358 9 830 6700

Email: rekolan.seurakunta@evl.fi

The office is open Mon-Fri from 9 AM to 3 PM.

A priest is on call on Tuesdays from 11 AM to 1 PM. Tel. +358 9 8306 707.

A deacon is on call on Tuesdays from 9 AM to 11 AM. You can also call a deacon on Thursdays from 9 AM to 11 AM. Tel. +358 9 830 6706.

Asola parish home

Address: Asolantie 6, 01360 Vantaa

A priest is on call on Thursdays from 11 AM to 1 PM. Tel. +358 9 8306 707.

A deacon is on call on Thursdays from 9 AM to 11 AM. Tel. +358 9 830 6706.

The contact person in international matters is Deacon Irma Liljeström. Her contact details are below. She will be happy to help you!

Come and join us!

We celebrate Mass at the parish church
every Sunday at 10 AM.
At Mass we pray, sing, and learn more about Jesus and God. We also organize other activities in the church and in our parish home in Asola (Asolantie 6). Most of our activities are in Finnish, but you can always join us even if we do not share a common language. Multicultural activities and activities in English across Vantaa are listed below.

If you wish to know more about God or about the activities of the parish, you can call, email, or visit us. You can talk with a pastor or a deacon. We can pray for you if you want to. We can also help you to find a concrete way to solve your problems.

Some examples of our activities:

every Sunday at 10 AM in the Church of St. Andrew. Sunday School for children.

Open playgroup for children with their guardians on
Mondays and Thursdays, at the Church of St. Andrew from 9 AM to 2 PM.
You are welcome to join at any time. You can play, sing, chat, drink inexpensive coffee, and meet other families from the area!

Free breakfast
every Tuesday at 9 AM at the Church of St. Andrew and every Thursday at 9 am in Asola.
You can also talk with a deaconal worker if you want to.

Open doors for youths on
Wednesdays at 6 PM at the Church of St. Andrew.
Play billiards and have fun together with others.

Choir practice on
Wednesdays at 6.30 PM at the Church of St. Andrew.
Join the church choir!

Arabic-speaking Christians meet in Asola on
Saturdays and Sundays.
For more information, please contact pastor Ramez Ansara (tel. +358 9 2340 3380, ramez.ansara@evl.fi).

More of our activities you can find ►HERE

Please note! Some of our activities may be on break during the summer.


Bible study group - englanninkielinen raamattupiiri 
►tuesdays 6pm-7.30pm, tiistaisin klo 18-19.30 (ajalla 4.6.-17.12.2019) 
►Asola parish home, Asolaroad 6, Asolan seurakuntatalolla, IP-kerhohuoneessa 

►Coordinator: Juha Kaunismaa, tel. 0451209212.

We are opening an English Language Bible Study Group. The topic will be the Gospel of St. John from the beginning onwards.

We do not look forward for experts but people genuinely interested in learning what is Christianity and how you will enrich your faith in studying with us.  You are most welcome whatever your background. Come, join us and be one of us.

International Mass in Rekola parish