Welcome to the Lutheran Church in Vantaa!

Working for Grace in a Demanding World

The seven Evangelical Lutheran parishes of Vantaa work together to help people learn about God and serve one another all through life.  We come from many different backgrounds and speak over 30 different languages. On these pages you can find out more about who we are, what we do and what we believe in.

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Other contacts

There are many communities of Christians from different nationalities and language groups that gather in the capital region in co-operation with the local Lutheran parishes. We warmly recommend you to contact their contact persons who often have the most up-to-date information.

English: Pastor Hans Krause (tel. 09 8050 2212. hans.krause@evl.fi) (Espoo)

International Evangelical Church in Finland, Pastor Samuel Vogel (Espoo and Helsinki)

Arabic / العربية: Pastor Ramez Ansara (tel. 09 2340 3380, ramez.ansara@evl.fi) (Helsinki, also weekly in Rekola, Vantaa)

Russian / русский : Pastor Vladimir Blaginin (tel. 09 2340 4839, vladimir.blaginin@evl.fi) (Helsinki) 

В регионе Хельсинки  проводятся лютеранские мероприятия и на русском языке. Вы можете обратиться к священнику Владимиру Благинину (09 2340 4839, vladimir.blaginin@evl.fi) Он говорит по русски и работает в Хельсинки, узнать больше о его работе можно на официальном сайте https://www.helsinginseurakunnat.fi/po-russki.html.stx и на сайте прихожан https://luterane.fi/.

Chinese / 中文: Pastor Paulos Huang (tel. 050 380 3445, paulos.huang@evl.fi) (Helsinki) http://www.christian.fi

如果您想参加华语教会,您可以与赫尔辛基的黄牧师联系(电话:050 380 3445,paulos.huang@evl.fi)。黄牧师说中文。华语教会网站(链接 http://www.christian.fi/

Estonian / Eesti: Kui soovid osa võtta eestikeelsest luterlikust tegevusest, siis võta ühendust – "Eestikeelne kogudusetöö Helsingis", Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eestikeelnekogudusetoo.