Migrants and refugees

Millions of people are currently fleeing their homes because of war, conflicts and persecution. The ongoing refugee crisis affects people all over the world, and the Vantaa parishes have taken an active role in helping refugees and asylum seekers in Vantaa.

The parish union, together with other organizations, coordinates volunteers working in reception centers. New volunteers are always welcome, and there is training provided.

Refugees and asylum seekers are welcome to take part in all parish activities. The church welcomes everyone regardless of their asylum status, religious convictions or membership in the church. To inquire about Christianity, become a member or ask for assistance, contact your local parish.


Church as a place of sanctuary

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland recognises the centuries-old tradition of church as a place of sanctuary, common to all Christian churches. The parishes support those whose application for asylum has been rejected by offering them material, emotional and spiritual support and helping them in dealing with authorities.

The parishes work openly, making sure that migrants living in Finland are treated fairly. The church does not hide people or have an asylum application process of its own.

► Information about asylum in Finland on the Finnish Immigration Service website


Sign up as a volunteer

You can support refugees and asylum seekers at reception centres and elsewhere. You don't need to be a professional or speak multiple languages to help. Being willing to meet new people and support them as a friend is the most important thing. Practical, down to earth attitude is a plus! There are volunteer positions also for asylum seekers, who can help for example in elderly people's homes.

Contact your local parish or Katri Korolainen (details below), who coordinates the volunteer effort on the parish union level.