In hospitals

When you yourself are in hospital or when your family member is sick, you can contact one of our four special chaplains, who work only in hospitals and elderly care homes. You can speak with them whenever you need someone who listens to you or when a new situation confuses you.

How can we help?

  • give you a possibility to talk about all your worries
  • pray with you if you wish
  • give you or your relative communion
  • organize a moment of prayer when your family member has passed away if you wish
  • we work as a representatives of Finnish Lutheran Church in hospitals


Contact us

You can find us easily by asking the hospital staff. You can also contact us directly.


Peijas hospital

Matti Hanhisuanto p. 050-3055307


Peijas hospital and Katriina hospital

Markku Elo p. 050-3568144


Katriina hospital  (1, 2A, 2B, 3, 4A, 4B, daytime hospital care and Myyrinkoti)

Leena Heinonen p. 050-3818779


Elderly people care (elderly care homes and medical care)  in Vantaa:  Korso, Malminiitty ja Simonkylä

Pirjo Vatanen p. 050-5637516




Hospital chaplains in Vantaa