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Church premises

Each of the seven parishes in Vantaa has a so called home church, listed below. Some parishes have more than one church. See a list of all churches and chapels on the Finnish website.

For contact information in each parish, click here.


Tikkurila church

The new church of Tikkurila

Tikkurila church, Asematie 12, 01300 Vantaa

Consecrated in January 2021, the church serves as the home church for Tikkurila parish and Vanda svenska församling (the Swedish parish of Vantaa). The building also accommodates the administration and common parish activities of Vantaa Parishes.

The building is designed to serve the needs of the community in multiple ways. In addition to the church hall, the building houses a café, a meeting space for families with small children, group and teamwork spaces, meeting rooms and offices, an entrance hall as well as a courtyard. 


Hakunila church

The parish church of Hakunila. A white brick building.

Hakunila church, Hakunilantie 48, 01200 Vantaa


Hämeenkylä church

The parish church of Hämeenkylä. A grey and beige brick building.

Hämeenkylä church, Auratie 3, 01630 Vantaa


Korso churchLinkki avautuu uudessa välilehdessä

The tall white bell tower of the parish church of Korso.

Korso church, Merikotkantie 4, 01450 Vantaa


Rekola: Church of Saint Andrew

The parish church of Rekola. A red brick building.

Church of Saint Andrew, Kustaantie 22 A, 01400 Vantaa


Vantaankoski: Myyrmäki church

Myyrmäki church. A large, beige building.

Myyrmäki church, Uomatie 1, 01600 Vantaa

The parish church of Myyrmäki is also known as the church of Light. It is very popular among architecture-minded tourists and, with its excellent acoustics, among concert-goers.

Note:   Myyrmäki Church is closed due to renovations. The renovation is scheduled for completion in late 2023. 


Church of St. LawrenceLinkki avautuu uudessa välilehdessä

The medieval stone church of St. Lawrence, old bell tower and graveyard.

Church of St. Lawrence. Kirkkotie 45, 01510 Vantaa

This medieval church, dating from 1450, is the oldest building in the greater Helsinki area. It is a popular wedding venue and also the main church of the Tikkurila parish and the Swedish parish of Vantaa. The church is surrounded by a beautiful old cemetery.

Chapel of St. Lawrence, a modern chapel standing next to the Church of St. Lawrence was built in 2010 (address: Pappilankuja 3). It is most often used for funeral services, and it is also a popular concert venue.


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