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Family counselling and guidance

The family counsellors of the Church in Vantaa provide families with guidance and support. Your problems may concern relationships between partners or between children and parents. 

Our family counselling services are always strictly confidential. Often, a conversation with a professional will help you forward. All of our workers have special training for family guidance issues. Our services are available to all Vantaa residents regardless of church membership or religious affiliation.

If you need guidance in the English language, please contact us beforehand by e-mail or phone.

You can visit us alone or come with your partner or other family member, whatever suits your situation best.

Join special groups and courses

We organise special groups and courses for families twice a year. You will find more information about these groups on our website when the groups are starting.

Groups and courses may gather around the following themes:

  • a relationship group seeking to prevent relationship problems in advance
  • groups that concentrate on children’s issues
  • groups for those who have recently divorced


Short-Term Therapy for English speaking couples and families

Are you looking for a fast and effective solution 
to your problems? 

Short-term Solution-Focused Therapy may be just what you need! 

This brief and goal-orientated approach focuses on what you want to achieve, rather than dwelling on the past. With the help of a trained therapist, you’ll identify your goals and create a plan for positive change.

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Information and meeting appointments

Church in Vantaa family counselling and guidance 

P. 09 830 6799  Thursday 8-12

E-mail: maarit.kuusisto@evl.fi

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