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The Airport Chaplain at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

The Airport Chaplain will serve all people working at the airport and also airport passengers regardless of conviction. The Airport Chaplain always respects the values of the organisation or the person they are serving.

Airport Chaplain works together with diverse networks, for example, representatives of other worldviews. Through the network Airport Chaplain tries to find you someone to talk to who has the same worldview as you.

In crisis situations as well as in different kind of crises faced by individuals, the Airport Chaplain cooperates with aiport crisis operators.

More than 100 airports around the world offer Airport Chaplain services to support passengers and those working in the aviation industry in a variety of challenging situations. www.iacac.aero


A Support for Personnel

In everyday life

 The Airport Chaplain provides discussion aid and psychosocial support at a low threshold in all manner of matters under the sun.

A support for passengers in the everyday life of the Airport

  • a listening ear
  • in-person work
  • low-threshold meetings
  • emotional and spiritual support for passengers facing challenging situations
  • a contact person for other religions, worldviews and beliefs

The most important task of the Airport Chaplain is to be present in an unhurried way in exceptional circumstances.

Reverend Hanna Similä.
Reverend Hanna Similä

Contact information

Best way to contact is via phone or email.

The meeting can be arranged at the Airport premises or at Tikkurila Church - Asematie 12.

You can also catch up with Hanna and make an appointment when you see her. 

You can meet Hanna at the Airport during rush hours Monday to Friday. 

Exceptional days 

6th and 21st of May, 6th of July - 6th of August.

Hanna Similä
+358 40 650 7933
Centralized Parish Work
The Parish Union of Vantaa

Lentoasemapappi - The Airport Chaplain in Finnish

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