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Vantaa Parish Union is a group of seven parishes covering the whole of Vantaa. In the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland your parish membership is almost always determined by where you live. You are most welcome to visit any church or talk to any priest, but especially in diaconal matters you should contact your local parish first, whether or not you are a member.

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Vantaa Parishes

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Hakunila Parish

Finnish: Hakunilan seurakunta
areas of Hakunila, Itä-Hakkila, Länsimäki, Rajakylä, Sotunki and Vaarala
contact persons in international matters: Hans Tuominen, vicar, phone 050 441 0685, hans.tuominen@evl.fi and Harri Nurminen, pastor, phone 050 354 7648, harri.nurminen@evl.fi


Hämeenkylä Parish

Finnish: Hämeenkylän seurakunta
areas of Hämeenkylä, Pähkinärinne, Linnainen, Hämevaara, Askisto, Varisto, Petikko, Rajatorppa and Vapaala
contact persons in international matters: Satu Enrold, deacon, phone 050 367 5841, satu.enrold@evl.fi and Jarkko Vähäsarja, project coordinator, phone 044 422 0453, jarkko.vahasarja@evl.fi.


Korso Parish

Finnish: Korson seurakunta
areas of Mikkola, Nikinmäki, Jokivarsi, Leppäkorpi, Metsola, Kulomäki, Vallinoja and Vierumäki
Contact person in international matters: Jani Vanhala, pastor, phone 050 310 7032, jani.vanhala@evl.fi


Rekola Parish

Finnish: Rekolan seurakunta
areas of Koivukylä, Rekola, Asola, Päiväkumpu, Leinelä, Havukoski
contact person in international matters: Irma Liljeström, deacon, phone 050 553 8459, irma.liljestrom@evl.fi.


Tikkurila Parish

Finnish: Tikkurilan seurakunta
areas of Tikkurila, Ilola, Ylästö, Pakkala, Kartanonkoski and Ristipuro
contact person in international matters: Päivi Helén, pastor, phone 050 572 2666, paivi.helen@evl.fi.


Vantaankoski Parish

Finnish: Vantaankosken seurakunta
areas of Myyrmäki, Martinlaakso, Kaivoksela, Vantaanlaakso, Kivistö, Seutula
contact persons in international matters: Mark Saba, pastor, phone 050 347 2962, mark.saba@evl.fi
Virpi Paulanto, phone 050 512 1168, virpi.paulanto@evl.fi


The Swedish Parish of Vantaa

Swedish: Vanda svenska församling
The Swedish speaking parish is for all those living in Vantaa whose mother tongue or language of contact is Swedish.
contact person in international matters: Kaj Andersson, pastor, phone 050 537 4221, kaj.andersson@evl.fi.

A church service at the Church of St. Lawrence