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Events and activities

Worship services, Bible studies, groups, and other activities in Vantaa

We warmly welcome you to join any of our activities and events!

In addition to regular Sunday services, all Vantaa parishes organise numerous activities and groups, including

  • playgroups for children
  • choirs and music groups for people of all ages
  • support groups for families, married couples, the grieving...
  • groups for seniors
  • Bible studies and prayer groups
  • open doors evenings for youth
  • affordable or free lunches and breakfasts
  • camps and trips
  • women and children's activities

Most of our activities are in Finnish, but you are always welcome to join even if you do not speak Finnish well. Most groups and activities are either free of charge or do not cost much, and they are open for everyone regardless of Church membership.

The parishes also organise activities especially for immigrants in different languages.

How to find activities of interest?

► See the complete calendar of activities in Finnish.

You can search for events in the left sidebar of the Finnish calendar. For example, type "konsertti" if you want to find concerts.

► Find events and activities in other languages.

► Contact your local parish for details and to find out about Sunday Masses and other regular activities.

Some of our upcoming events are listed below.

Two children holding tall candles at Mass.
Photo: Marianna Siitonen

Upcoming events

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