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Churches and other sights in Vantaa

The parish church is in the heart of parish life and usually also the centre of its activities. Each Vantaa congregation has a church that they call their home church, and some parishes have several. Churches are places of worship, but they often function as meeting places or concert venues as well.

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While churches are dear to the parish members, some are also recognized as local sights that attract a large number of tourists and other visitors. You can admire beautiful church architecture or just inhale the holy atmosphere.

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Church of St. Lawrence

(Finnish: Pyhän Laurin kirkko, Swedish: Helsinge kyrka S:t Lars)

Kirkkotie 45, 01510 Vantaa

The medieval church, dating from 1450, is the oldest building in the greater Helsinki area. It is a popular wedding venue and also the main church of the Tikkurila parish and the Swedish parish of Vantaa. The church is surrounded by a beautiful old cemetery.

Chapel of St. Lawrence

(Finnish: Pyhän Laurin kappeli, Swedish: S:t Lars kapell)

Pappilankuja 3, 01510 Vantaa

The modern chapel standing next to the Church of St. Lawrence was built in 2010. It is most often used for funeral services, but it is also a popular concert venue.

Myyrmäki Church

(Finnish: Myyrmäen kirkko)

Uomatie 1, 01600 Vantaa

The parish church of Myyrmäki is also known as the church of Light. It is very popular among architecture-minded tourists and, with its excellent acoustics, among concert-goers.

Note:   Myyrmäki Church is closed due to renovations. The church, which has suffered from indoor air problems, has been out of service since 2019. The comprehensive renovation project has begun with meticulous planning. Renovation work on site will begin in the autumn of 2022. The renovation is scheduled for completion in late 2023. Myyrmäki Church is being thoroughly renovated inside and out. Building services systems and yard structures will also be renewed. The structural solutions of the church have been typical of the time of construction, but today they have been found to be inoperative. The renovation takes into account the architectural value of the building. The appearance of the church and the church hall remain essentially the same.

Inside the church of Myyrmäki. The large space is full of light and white, beige and silver colours. A baptismal font is in the centre on a small table. On the right side, there is the altar with green altar cloth. On the left, there are seats.

Myyrmäki church


The modern, white stone building of the chapel of St. Lawrence. There are green grass and some trees on the yard.

Chapel of St. Lawrence

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