Parish elections

The next parish elections will be held in November 2018. The election slogan is ’Minun kirkkoni’ (’My Church’).

The elections determine the future of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and its 400 parishes.

You can influence the elections’ outcome by becoming a candidate and voting. All parish members aged 16 and older can vote.

Important dates

Nominating candidates ends on 17 September 2018

Advance voting is held on 6–10 November 2018

Election day is 18 November 2018

Vantaa parishes will hold two elections

In the City of Vantaa, seven individual parishes constitute a parish union. This is why Vantaa parishes will hold two elections. In the elections, the parishioners will elect

  •        members to the Parish Union Council that makes decisions for the parish union AND
  •        members to the Parish Councils of every individual Vantaa parish that make decisions for the parishes.

You will need to mark the candidate(s) of your choice on two ballots, one for Parish Union Council and one for Parish Council. You will receive information on candidates and voting by mail before the elections.

The voter turnout of the previous elections in Vantaa in 2014 was 8.3%. Almost 9,000 voters came to the polls.

Voter turnout in every Vantaa parish in the previous elections:

  •     Hakunila parish 8%
  •     Hämeenkylä parish 9.4%
  •     Korso parish 9.4%
  •     Rekola parish 9.7%
  •     Tikkurila parish 6%
  •     Vanda svenska församling 11.3%
  •     Vantaankoski parish 9.2%
Advance voting in Myyrmanni in 2010.
Advance voting in Myyrmanni in 2010. Photo: Jani Laukkanen