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Avoin Seurakunta ('Open Parish')

Let’s draw the Church to a new growth!

'Avoin seurakunta' is independent of political parties and revival movements of the Church.

The Church must be a place where different people are joined together by Jesus’s love. Diversity is our strength, not a threat. The parish must be an open, discrimination-free community. The Gospel and Grace are visible in all parish life. What we share is a Christian conviction. Everyone is welcome to join us. We are mediators; we want to promote positive collaboration between parish employees and elected representatives in decision-making and planning of parish work. Decisions on parish economy and parish work need to be transparent, and the number of employees must remain sufficient. Caring is the Church’s responsibility. We want to support parish employees’ well-being. We promote voluntary work and reaching out to those in need of help and support. We also want to reshape the Church while respecting the tradition. We acknowledge the present challenges and globalization. What we want is a Church that welcomes all and is close to the people.

Contact information

Soile Niemi, soile.niemi@kolumbus.fi, tel. 050 366 3321

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