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Sanasta Elämään (‘From the Word to Life’)

Secure in the Word, together

’Sanasta Elämään’ consists of ordinary, active parishioners. Some of us come from different revival movements and political parties. What we share is a love for our Church and a strong will to leave the future generations a Church that bravely preaches the Gospel of Jesus, our Redeemer from sin, and follows the Bible. Our common cause is to work for the best of the parishes.

’Sanasta Elämään” wants to develop the parish based on the following principles:

1. The Bible as the joy and guide in life

We teach and act based on the Bible, the life-giving Word.

2. A strong family

We support families and the Christian marriage between a man and a woman as well as Christian upbringing of children and youth.

3. Gospel for everyone

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in words and actions, both in homeland and abroad, is the main mission of the parish with the help of all mission organisations of the Church.

4. Love in action

In a living parish, we care for and help those in need.

God’s Good News, the Gospel, is for everyone. The main mission of the parish is to share the Gospel and build the relationship with both God and each other.

You are welcome to join us in building a parish of faith and communion!

Contact information

Jarno Tepora, jarno.tepora@helsinki.fi, tel. 040 554 2807

Hakunila parish: Jari Araneva, jari.araneva@elisanet.fi


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